"My story of when I first heard of Daybreak Ends is an interesting one. I was investigating a homicide where the victim had been killed in his automobile near downtown Los Angeles. I was the first forensic identification specialist at the scene and as I walked up to the vehicle I noticed that the stereo was still on. It's always an eerie feeling when you hear the last song a person was listening to before their death because it psychologically attaches you to the victim. As I went to turn off the radio I heard the beginning of a song which ended up being "All Gemini Die Young" and I was immediately drawn to it. I inspected the area and as I worked I listened to the album over and over and when I was done, I took it and continue to listen to it every day. I figured the victim wouldn't need it where he was going anyway" 

- Capt. Matthew Waltz Forensic Identification Specialist, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department 

Daybreak Ends is a four-piece band from Hollywood California. The band fuses elements of metal and punk to catchy hooks, melodies, and three part harmonies. They have been on six self-booked tours that have included up to four month trips which took the band from coast to coast. They have released 3 studio albums to date and are currently working on new music to be released in 2023.

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